Monday, March 17, 2014

Hillary 2016?

She has no interest........

Can She Do It?

In recent months Hillary Clinton, has been the focus of disdain because of her involvement in the Benghazi attack.  It's something that comes up when people are focusing on the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election.  I wonder if this subject can sway many voter's?  Do you think she will opt not to run because of this matter?  It's something that can and will get nasty, should she decide to put her bid in the running.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Now This!

A big mess is what we've come to.  America, is so divided about how to handle things.  The loudest and most powerful, influential voices have brought the nation as a whole to this.  We the people have gone along with these power seeking people in hopes of a sound decision to be made.  Sound decisions were lost many years ago, and now we just flounder around wondering where the next chip will fall.  We have a problem, America!